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Cut fenders / Unbolt front fenders WTF?!?

Just acquired a 2008 700xx! From what I read online, I thought I could simply unbolt the big front fenders and be left with what looks like cut fenders. Turns out the big front fenders support the headlight and when you remove the big fenders the head light gets all floppy. And then there are those two brackets that stick way out and if you remove those, the headlight literally is completely unbolted. So, I have seen a lot of pictures of people with the unbolted big fenders but with their headlight in place and I am guessing secured. My question for the good people of this forum: what are your techniques for removing those big fenders and getting that cut fender look but still having a non-floppy headlight? The solutions I have come up with are actually cutting the fender or modifying those big fender brackets. But I was hoping I could bolt and unbolt those big fenders depending on the riding environment. Any thoughts?
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