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fonz3482 04-25-2019 02:11 PM

Testing some plastic cleaning procedures...
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Hey everyone, this afternoon I decided to try working on my plastics. I just bought this 700xx and the plastics are really bugging me. I know they are probably in normal condition for the year but I’m really meticulous with my stuff and I like my “toys” to look good! So what I did was clean the rear fender area quick. I then buffed the fender using Meguiar’s ultra cut compound. I then followed that by waxing and buffing that off. Overall it came out ok I think and I guess I’m just going to have to live with the deep scratches and gouges unless someone else has some other method to try... so here are the results..

Deephaven 04-25-2019 10:12 PM

Looks good. Just bought one myself and had planned on doing the same. Did you find black touch up paint that matches the painted parts?

fonz3482 04-26-2019 02:09 AM


Originally Posted by Deephaven (Post 244018)
Looks good. Just bought one myself and had planned on doing the same. Did you find black touch up paint that matches the painted parts?

I haven't looked into black touch up paint yet. When you say painted parts are you talking about the frame and a-arms? I didn't notice any other painted parts that I can recall. I did see some areas on the frame that could use some touch ups and my lower a-arms the powder coat is worn off the bottoms of the arms pretty good. I kinda decided last night to tear the machine down and give it a thorough cleaning.. I know it may seem nuts to do, but that is what I have done to any used machine I've bought in the past. It allows me to give the machine a good check over while cleaning it up and improving its appearance at the same time.

Deephaven 04-26-2019 08:29 AM

Yes. Same exact situation here. Bottom of the a arms are both longer powder coated and a few other spots on the frame and such. Last night I washed the gas tank and areas that you can't see once the plastics are on. Mine is in pieces to check out completely as well. New to me, which means I don't trust the condition until I have wrenched on it. The other positive about disassembling is that it makes it way easier to know what to carry for tools.

fonz3482 04-27-2019 01:28 AM

That is exactly the way I like to go through and atv when I buy it. I pull all the plastics so I can fully see everything, I give the whole atv a good once over and before it goes back together everything gets cleaned to my best abilities. For the black powder coated wear items I had a decent idea. I was thinking of running a straight line of tape right across the whole lower control arm. Then sand, prime and paint the spot that wears out with spray on truck liner.... that stuff is a flat or satin black and it may take a pretty good beating. Otherwise it just have to be powder coated again. So for now it think I may try the bedliner thing because I’m not sure I want to dissemble it and send stuff out to the powder coating place. That is more of a winter project.

Deephaven 04-27-2019 07:28 AM

Ha, mine will hit the powder coater in the winter as well. Not now! Just trying to decide what other pieces to add to it when it goes. I like the bedliner idea, but not sure I want to pull the arms to do that. Could do it in place I suppose, but I somehow always miss masking something when I try that and get over spray on exactly what I don't want to even when it is covered nicely.

I have some Polaris flat touch up paint which I bet matches "good enough", but still would rather find a local option. Have a bunch of other things to finish first, but will surely post some pics of the transition when I get it closer.

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