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700xxracer 12-14-2012 01:24 AM

Wayne Matlock
I don't understand why Wayne runs a 450r in the baja. The 700xx runs quicker and doesn't break down like a 450. This year all he ahd was problems in the baja and dnf his first baja ever !!! I mean really the 700xx was made for the desert and the baja. Why would you ride a quad that was designed for the track not the desert.

D Bergstrom 12-14-2012 09:06 AM

Wayne rides the 450R in Baja because that is what Honda wants him to ride. He is sponsored by Honda, so whatever they want is what they get. Honda wants him to race the 450R because that is what they sell. Why would Honda want him to race the 700XX when they don't even sell one anymore? Remember the saying "Win on Sunday, sell on Monday"? Honda races to promote its products.

You are way off saying the 450R is not made for the desert. I have raced a 450R in the desert many years and it is a great handling, reliable quad. Look at the quad entries for Baja, what are most teams riding? Honda 450R's. I will soon start racing my 700XX in the desert, but there are some races that I will still race the 450R at, just because it will perform better and be more competive on that particular course.

Wayne's dnf was caused by a cracked piston, so it wasn't even Honda part that failed, it was an aftermarket part. I have been racing a 450R in the desert since 2006. In all that time, I have only had two dnf's. One was sucking dirt into the motor, my fault due to not changing a filter when I should have. Second was breaking a transmission, again my fault, went to many hours on it without replacing parts. The 450R really is a reliable quad, the perfect choice for the desert in my opinion.


M_Quick 12-14-2012 08:53 PM

Not bashing the 450R by any means. But when they re-released the new 450R and Matlock Racing went from the 700xx to the 450R. I was hoping if they did poor that Honda may consider bringing back the 700xx. I still want Matlock Racing to do well, it was just a twisted thought I had. I do miss those guys stopping by and sharing race and practice videos. I'm sure I could find them on you-tube but it's not the same.

ceballos 12-15-2012 04:48 PM

The 450r's are the dominant machine in the desert and Baja. I'm guessing you don't understand why because you're not a desert racer.

Baxter 12-16-2012 06:07 PM

So who does have the #1 plate for 2013 then?

D Bergstrom 12-16-2012 06:45 PM


Originally Posted by Baxter (Post 112243)
So who does have the #1 plate for 2013 then?

Josh Fredricks, Factory Can-Am rider.

Snoshoe 12-16-2012 07:48 PM

What we need is an independant to show them all up and win with the 700. lol
sorry not me, wife has the wallet, and building a ranch

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