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Originally Posted by kelodwro View Post
couple of quick ones..
1) how do you just adjust the steering? I hit a tree stump and it is off by alittle.
2) How did you make the indicator light deal?
Use 5WOP3's instructions for question #2.

For question #1, again use 5WOP3's instructions plus:
1) Sit on the quad and move the handlebars around until they look straight

2) Use a straight 2x4 and place it half way up the tires on either side of the quad.... you'll see that when your handlebars are straight the 2x4 will touch the back tire and either the front of your front tire or the back of your front tire..... it should touch the front and back of the front tire simultaneously if it is aligned properly

3) If it only touches the front of the front tire or only the back of the front tire, then it is not aligned properly.

4) In this case, there is a gold rod that runs from your front wheel to the steering column (you'll see it right there with your front A-arms).

5) Loosen the nuts on either end of this gold rod and make your adjustments with the long nut at the center of the gold rod.

6) Turn it two times in either direction.

7) Tighten the nuts at either end of the gold rod.

8) Sit on the seat and adjust the handlebars so they look straight again.

9) Check your wheel alignment with the 2x4 and repeat process until the front wheels line up with the back wheels

10) Check both sides of the quad

I am traveling right now, so I didn't have my quad to look at when I was writting this. I am sure I missed something, so if anyone has anything to add, please do so.

Hope this helps!
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