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but see it wasnt like that at all. i jumped in sayin stock vs stock the 700xx is faster which HAS been proven like u all said. the first 30 posts were people trash talkin nothin bout racin or anything just that they r better and talk shit. finally later on some dudes admitted it and i was like thats all i said. all they did was talk shit and they said some shit that pissed me off. like one dude wants to meet up and race then punch me in the face so i told him straight up i would meet up wit him if he wants to try that i will kill him fuk him. then they make dumbass remarks all the time im pretty sure thats wat a forum is for. discussing topics of your choosing in appropriate thread and thats what i did and they started some b.s. and put the actual topic off not me them fuk em and fuk the mods who talks shit too sorry for my language im just pissed how gay that it all was.

sorry if im not forum specified but maybe u guys should go ride more and psend less times making the forum rules fukin weirdos say wat u want on here its america

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