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Which one of the L8ton swaybars? Hopefully the stiffest one. I don't run a L8ton and am not knocking them in any way because I have rode quads with them and I do like them. But I run run a Durablue along with the factory one. So running two. I have been thinking about changing the factory one for a L8ton. For flattrack, getting that back end as stiff as possible is a BIG bonus. am not familiar with the Scorchers, but I will assume it is on a 10 inch wheel so you are pretty wide without the spacers. The wider you make the rear of the bike the harder it is to turn it. You might try taking the spacers off the back and see if it turns better enough to make faster laps. also have you lowered the quad any? If not, you need to. In flattrack you don't need all that ground clearance that these things have, and it hurts you on turning at high speed. I have lowered mine 4 inches all the way around and it helped.
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