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famous bob
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Originally Posted by TaintedStang View Post
The 13 tooth swap really benefits someone using the lower gears more then fourth and fifth. It allows more use of third gear in my opinion, I can lug down to near idle but still have enough gear to run up to a decent speed if needed. With stock gearing, third can't be lugged down as easily, so dropping into second was required but then second will run out pretty quick and I would have to shift back to third really quick. The gear swap really saves your clutch hand from getting worn out. In tight woods second gear is the only gear I ever need. In the dunes second and third is all ever really use.
went for a ride today. the 13 tooth sprocket seems like factory. can climb serious trail hills in second very easily. don` think I`ll ever go back. now to extend the brake pedal a little, it`s too short for my long legs and feet. going to get back to finishing my mud flaps, got covered today. dam thing throws mud right up underneath my helmit into my mouth occasionaly, happened about 4-5 times today.
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