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StefanS 01-04-2013 11:24 AM

European off-road rally
I love this forum especially when i run the 700xx

Let me tell you a little about me and the rally i am attending, when i can.

I purchaged a 08-700xx a little over a year ago, it is all black/dark grey.
I try to load up some pictures.
I run the full beak in procedure to be sure althow it have run some hours at dealer shop.
To be ready for the rally i installed F2r roadbook and trip-meter also a 5 litre spare fuel tank. - for safty i also installed some fireextinquisher and nerfbars. The oem fueltank was replaced by a itp for more capacity.
Some ekstra lights VisionX 4x10W spot LED for the dark night were installed.
Then it was ready for the Rally. The Rally is called MT-rally and is held in Poland in a millitary ground of 45x55 km area. There are full competition in xbikes, ATVs, cars, and trucks. Some of the teams also run Dacar
There are 5 stages 2 night and 3 day + proloque, aprox 800 km total.
I say it went great, entered second place in proloque, but in the first stage, it was night, i didend have enough light, so my right front weel hooked something i didend see at high speed and i was thrown off the vehicle. I was freighted to camp where i straitened the bended stay bar, ready for stage 2 - i slowed down a little and finished the total rally in tenth place.
I have run the 2011 rallyes with my wolverine 450 before so running the 700xx its like a dream. I give 5 stars to handling and speed.
Other compeditors run CanAm and Grislly.

This year i made some improvements on the roadbook set up - it must be more stabil - i find it hard to read the small numbers in high speed and it is all shaking.
Also the lighting is improved to some HID ones. 70w total

i ask u guys - my tires are out please recomend some, i still got the oem 11 inch size, the terrain are wet half sand half dirt inkl some mudholes.

Also the dirt is piling up in the radiator so cooling is hard at the last stages - can't clean it between stages - ill try to make some fairings to take some of the splashes from front wheels.

tbird88 01-05-2013 04:23 PM

congrats on the finish ,on the tires id try maxxis razor 22-10-11 orr the kenda kutter 22-9-11:xx:

ssxr600 01-05-2013 09:26 PM

that sounds like a hardcore race i wish you the best !

quadmonkey700xx 01-06-2013 08:46 PM

That sounds like a lot of fun. congratulations on the finish. I recommend the razors myself, but according to some the kutters are as good.

Sid 01-07-2013 09:19 PM

Sefan S,
Congrats on the race. Such a rush to hear of some hardcore racers still using the 700XX. As far as I am concerned it is the best in class for what you are using it for.
Sure hope some pictures and/or video surface from this race.

crwh45 01-09-2013 03:49 PM

Congrats. To help with the mud in the radiator, what I do and a lot of cross country racers around me do, is either make/buy some fairings for it, or tape the front bumper completely up. I've never ran 800km with out washing, so I do not know if this would help completely, but I do know I've never had a problem on my 450s or the XX for a few days with out cleaning, even riding in down pour conditions. The 450s I have fairings, the XX I use tape on the bumper. This prevents a lot of dirt/mud coming into the center of the radiator, but still allows air to come in. Also, if you can't clean it, can you change parts out on it? I've seen guys use outerwears on theres, they fabricate a bracket about an inch (2.54cm) or so from their radiator and put outwear material on that. There is a race this weekend, I will try to get a picture of someone that does this if any show up.

Snoshoe 01-09-2013 05:47 PM

I agree with crwh45 a fabricated fairing or taping the bumper would work. the fan should be strong enough to keep it cool unless the rad gets plugged. If you think that heat is a real issue you might think of a heat sink on the oil tank or a in line oil radiator. but once again you have to protect it from the mud. sorry just an idea.

StefanS 01-13-2013 12:59 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Hi All
Thanks a lot for very usefull answers

For the Poland Rally there is a link (find english translation upper right corner.)

More pictures from one of the press organisations, are sighted here:

I told U that I finished in 10th place but i remembered wrong - it was 11th place but still ok after all.

This picture is from a highspeed path,
Attachment 4107

The navigation setup are changed now - I will load som pictures later.

For the mud in radiator i belive it mostly are splached from frontwheels so taping front grid i dont find enough - but the solution having a mudcatch cloth or metalgrid placed 1 inch front of radiator may be an idea, i will see what i find. It can be taken outand cleaned inbetween stages or even replaced with some fresh ones.

StefanS 10-01-2013 09:20 AM

3 Attachment(s)
Hi forum
I have now packed the volvo for next weekend rally at MT series in Poland, i have 900 km travel so efford to not have a trailer on the hitch was made and proven possible.

Attachment 5370

Attachment 5378

In April from where this picture below was taken a looot of mud were introduced - my cooler was protected by a masked cloth 1 x 1 mm holes was not enough. I have monitored water temterature to between 100 and 105 degrees celcius but no warning light alarm on the original display indicated overheating.

I did a lot of poor job cleaning inbetween stages.

This time i try a 1 inch thick filter cloth directly in front of radiator.
This i can replace under race if needed or atleast inbetween stages.

The stages are:
1. 100 km night stage
2. 230 km
3. 70 km

Wish me luck

crwh45 10-01-2013 09:53 AM

Dude, I love the car haha. Frigging AWESOME!

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