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Trail tires with a mud focus

Ordering a set of XC Masters for days when there isn't as much of a mud focus, but want to have a second set of wheels with some mud tires for when the conditions call for it. First trip is in 2 weeks and it is muddy so I need them somewhat promptly. I think after a lot of searching I've narrowed it down to one of three Bear Claws and the Zilla. These are going on 10" Douglas wheels. Not sure which option to pick.

**All specs from Dennis Kirk
Bear Claw 0.8" Tread:
24 x 11, 23.2" diameter 21.37lbs
23 x 10, 23" diameter 22lbs
22 x 12, 21.1" diameter 23.56lbs

Maxxis Zilla
0.6" tread: 22 x 11, 15.6lbs

I am not sure I believe the .6 on the Maxxis (mudthrower says .75") I am also having a hard time with the weight as they seem really light (mudthrower has the 22-10-9 at 15.2lbs).

Fronts will be 22" XC Masters for both the dry and mud tires. What would you pick?
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