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Originally Posted by xx700xx View Post
Chrisj, how does the XX size up to those other big cc quads you have?
Way better machine than the Kawi in every which way. As for the Renegade it's hard. The Gade is way quicker off the line. 700xx has it mid to top. The 700xx is a bit more fun with jumping and wheelies. The ride and handling is better on the Gade regardless of the difference in weight. My shocks are rezzies and are setup up perfect though. They're 2 different machines and hard to compare. If I was only able to have one quad, I'd pick the Gade. It's the best all around quad built. imo. The 700xx is the best sporty for my riding style. If that makes The 2up 800r Limited is a cruiser and excellent for long trips.
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